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Olive Lifesciences, is a health care organization based out of Bangalore in India; manufacturer and supplier of botanical extracts and phytochemicals used for nutraceutical formulations, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmeceuticals, and food products.

Olive Lifesciences is engaged in the entire spectrum of activity right from the cultivation of medicinal plants, their processing till extraction. The company was established in 2007. Since then, we have brought together cutting-edge technology, innovation and an unflagging commitment to quality, to manufacture a wide range of products that have found global demand. The products are manufactured in compliance with stringent global standards of plant operations, quality and safety.


  • Cutting Edge Innovative Delivery Systems

  • Improve processing Efficiency

  • Improving Stability

  • Improving Turnaround Time

  • Exceeding Expectations

  • Cold Water Soluble 

  • Cold Water Dispersible

  • Innovative Beverages

custom formulations

  • Custom Extract Combinations

  • Varied Release profiles

  • Maximum Bio-Availability

  • Maximum Product Efficacy

  • Custom applications for health and food

  • Taste and Texture applications

process ready solutions

  • Proprietary Formulations

  • Turnkey Dosage Solutions

  • Reduced Production Cost

  • Tailor Made granulated Ingredients

  • Ready for Encapsulation and Tableting blends

innovative products

  • Water Soluble Coleus Extracts

  • FB3- Fusion Ingredients

  • Bitterless Bacopa

  • Mangosteen 50, and 80%

  • Lutein /eaxanthin - CWS or CWD

  • Lycopene, Bixin, Norbixin

Olive Lifesciences has developed the most remarkable, innovative and superior herbal/nutraceutical ingredients. We have a strong marketing network in US, Europe, and Japan. The commitment to science and quality control has earned its recognition within a short period as a trusted supplier of ingredients of the highest quality. The company strives to achieve excellence through proactively addressing customer needs and requirements. Integral to this approach is the identification and development of customized products backed by research and development support. The company is focused on developing ingredients for various functional areas like metabolic syndrome, smoker's health, weight management, rejuvenation, and sports nutrition. 

Olive Lifesciences co-operates with the world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions in the biological assessment of safety and effectiveness up to clinical trials. It offers unconditional customer guarantee as well as excellent technical support; most of its products are tested by independent labs in Japan.

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