Marigold Extracts - Free Lutein and Lutein Esters

Lutein and zeaxanthin are yellow pigments generally classified as Xanthophylls. Lutein is naturally present in marigold flowers along with a small amount of Zeaxanthin. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are potent antioxidants and supports eye and skin health. They are also called as macular pigments due to their selective accumulation in macular region of the eye. 


We formulate the lutein as per the customer requirement and specification to make our product more customer friendly and ease of end-use formulation.

Special Grades

Olive Lifesciences offers you  custom made special grades Marigold Extracts like;


Deodorized Lutein Ester grades

100% Ethanol grade Lutein Esters

100% Ethanol grade Free Lutein

Free Lutein 40% Free flowing Oil Grade

Free Lutein up to 90% Purity

Seed To Shelf 

Olive Lifesciences, the largest cultivator and manufacturer of Lutein products from INDIA, is the only company, who offers you a "seed to shelf" protection on Marigold Extracts. We have our own facility for cultivating and manufacturing with well-trained staff and farmers.

Adds color to life - Health to eye and skin

Role in health support:

  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

  • Protect macula from natural ultraviolet rays

  • Decrease visual fatigue

  • Free radical and supper oxide scavenger

  • Reduce lipid peroxidation

  • Increase skin tone

Role as Food Colorant :

  • Impact natural yellow to orange color in food and beverage 

  • Gives natural feel

  • Enrich the antioxidant properties of the food and beverages

  • Natural alternative for synthetic colors

Your search for water soluble  Lutein ends here!

A real time video shows you, how uniform and quick is our free Lutein water solubles grades, dispersing in cold water 

Water Soluble Lutein

Lutein Manufacturing Video

Lutein Esters

Lutein Ester Powder - 5% to 60%

Lutein Ester Oil Suspension - 5% to 20%

Beadlets/Granules - 5% to 20%

Pure Ethanol Grade also Available

Feed Grade

Xanthophylls 2% to 4% Powder and pellets form

Free Lutein

Free Lutein Powder - 5% to 80%

Free Lutein Oil Suspension - 5% to 40%

Beadlets/Granules - 5% to 25%

Free Lutein CWD/CWS Powder  - 5% to 10% 

Pure Ethanol Grade also Available


Zeaxanthin Powder - 5% to 65%

Zeaxanthin Oil Suspension - 5% to 20%

Beadlets/Granules - 5% to 10%

Lutein + Zeaxanthin grades also available