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Premium Lutein Ester 

Improves Vision, Cognition & Skin Health

MaQxan® is the branded Marigold Extracts – Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lutein Ester, and Xanthophyll all made from own cultivated Tagetes Erecta flower by your trusted manufacturer; Olive Lifesciences.


Take your quality experience of Marigold to new heights with our premium MaQxan - Lutein Ester varieties, expertly created by Olive Lifesciences. These unique Lutein Ester grades are derived from carefully selected Marigold Flowers grown in our farm and produced using an eco-friendly and advanced manufacturing process, guaranteeing excellence and sustainability at every step.

MaQxan - Lutein Ester

1.MaQxan - Lutein Ester : Free From Hexane and other harmful solvent residues.


Drawing upon decades of carotenoid mastery, Olive Lifesciences proudly presents MaQxan - Lutein Ester - a pristine creation forged through our unparalleled expertise, entirely free from the grasp of harsh solvents. Behold, a Lutein Ester of immaculate purity, unmarred by Hexane or other detrimental residues.
Prepare to embrace the extraordinary: The realm of solvent-free Lutein Ester isnow your reality.


2. MaQxan - Lutein Ester : Free from Unpleasant Odor


Experience the difference with MaQxan - Lutein Ester, free from its typical unpleasant odor, thanks to the innovative work of Olive Lifesciences's Phytochemistry scientists. No longer confined to select products, Lutein Ester can now be embraced across a wide range of applications; including food and beverages and offering you limitless possibilities without the worry of unwanted scents.


3. MaQxan - Lutein Ester : Stable at wide range of Temperature and pH


Elevate your products with confidence as temperature and pH worries of carotenoids become a thing of the past. Introducing MaQxan - Lutein Ester, a champion of stability across diverse ranges of temperature and pH, empowering seamless integration into processes with multiple unit operations.
Beyond this remarkable adaptability, its inherent stability renders MaQxan - Lutein Ester as an ideal choice for enhancing food, beverages, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals as a natural colorant or as a functional active ingredient. Transform possibilities into realities, backed by the unwavering stability of MaQxan- Lutein Ester..  


4. MaQxan - Lutein Ester : Free Flowing Powder

Experience innovation like never before as Olive Lifesciences' expert scientists collaborate with global formulators to conquer agglomeration issues of Lutein Ester powder. Witness the transformative power of MaQxan - Lutein Ester powder, eliminating challenges in conveying, discharging, die filling, blending, and achieving blend content uniformity. Your formulation success story begins here.


5. MaQxan - Lutein Ester : Ready to use in your products

Having interacted with customers worldwide for many years, Olive Lifesciences understand that working with Lutein Ester can be challenging for those who make the final products thanks to its physical properties. But don't worry, we've got a solution for you! Our special MaQxan - Lutein Ester can be tailored to your needs. You can easily put it into capsules, directly use it for making tablets, mix it into your food or drink formulas, or even use it in any other water soluble or oil soluble products. It's super versatile!


Reasons to select MaQxan as your Trusted Lutein Ester


1      %


Traceability - Seed to Shelf.


Testing of each batch before release


Free from Harmful solvents


ETO (Ethylene Tri Oxide) free


PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) free


Free from Synthetic Colours


Free from Synthetic Preservatives


assurance of year-round availability


Price stability in both season and offseason.


Free from Ethoxyquin.


Free from Allergens


Non-GMO verified


Our product is 100% Natural


MaQxan is Vegan


Highly Stable Lutein


Promised 24x7 customer support

Grades  Available

MaQxan - Lutein Esters

Lutein Ester 5% to 40% Oil by HPLC (Ethanol, De Odorized)
Lutein Ester 5% to 40% Oil by HPLC (Solvent Free, De Odorized)
Lutein Ester 5% to 40% Oil by HPLC (CO2, De Odorized)
Lutein Ester 5% to 80% Powder by HPLC (De Odorized)
Lutein Ester 5% to 30% Granules by HPLC (De Odorized )
Lutein Ester 5% to 30% Beadlets by HPLC (De Odorized )
Lutein Ester 5% to 30% Powder by HPLC WS/WD (De Odorized)
Lutein Ester 5% to 20% Microencapsulated Granules by HPLC
Lutein Ester 5% to 20% Powder by HPLC

Lutein Ester with Zeaxanthin Combinations
Custom grades are available on request

All grades are available in UV also

MaQxan - stock Availability

Lutein Ester 40% Oil by HPLC (Ethanol, De Odorized) - 600 Kgs

Lutein Ester 2% Oil by HPLC (Solvent Free, De Odorized) - 1000 Kgs

Lutein Ester 20% Powder by HPLC (De Odorized) - 300 kgs

Lutein Ester Powder

Lutein Ester Powder

Lutein Ester Beadlets

Lutein Ester Beadlets

Lutein Ester Oil

Lutein Ester Oil

Lutein Ester Granules

Lutein Ester Granules

Lutein Ester Oil (Dark)

Lutein Ester Oil (Dark)

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