Natural Food Colors

Olive Lifesciences offers a wide range of unique natural color compounds. Derived from selected naturals sources of vegetables, fruits, plants, and other natural sources. Our products are based on the concept of natural and green products. Originating from traditional sources like vegetables and fruits mainly.


Our natural color range is strictly processed keeping in mind the natural benefit and its authentic properties. Our range of natural color ingredients is distinguished according to their properties into coloring foods or into ingredients with flavoring. We provide a wide range of food flavors and color formulations with extensive stability coupled with coloring efficiency for various applications.

Natural Food Colors - From Olive Lifesciences

  • Natural & green products

  • Safe and healthier options

  • A broad spectrum of consistent colors

  • Technical know-how in applying natural colors to a wide range of food and beverages

  • Safe preservatives and GMO-free colors

  • Improve color consistency

  • Improve light, heat, and pH stability of final products.

  • Enhanced Product appeal

We create colors having more stability by understanding the final product shelf life. We achieve natural color solution or system to match customer and consumer expectation and appeal. Cleaner labels at competitive conversion prices for your products.

Bixin / Norbixin

  • Bixin 5% to 10% Oil Soluble

  • Bixin 25% Oil suspension

  • NorBixin 1.4% , 5% and  10%


Curcuma Longa Extract 5% to 10% Water soluble

Beetroot powder

Betanin 0.30% to 0.40%


Brezlin 10%


WSP, WSL Food grade 1 to 1.5%


Copper chlorophyll 10%