Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

Olive Lifesciences offers a wide range of unique natural cosmetic ingredients derived from selected natural sources. Manufacturing capabilities along with expert application know-how gives our customer natural product ensuring stability, quality, safety and above all life to your products. By naturally thinking as well as offering you sublime natural skincare products, we stock a complete range of ingredients to create your own tailored skincare products. 

Beauty with principles

  • Natural & green products

  • Safe and healthier options

  • Skin care products 

  • Anti-aging products

  • Eye health products

  • Skin tanning solutions

The sustainable sourcing and manufacture of predominantly natural and naturally derived cosmetic ingredients that do not harm or adversely affect the user or environment for the future and future generations. Sustainable practices help us meet today's needs without compromising the ability of the future.

Highly Pure Coleus Extract

Forskolin 90% to 98%​

Sesame Extract

Sesamin 97%

Sugar Cane Wax Extract

Octacosanol 55% to 60%


Andrographolides 95%